This project is focused on history and based on games. It is aimed at developing European citizenship in our young students. Researching and investigating, looking for their own origins, they will discover connections and links between the people.


THROUGH THIS PROJECT THE STUDENTS WILL: have fun together improve collaborative skills improve European citizenship develop a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship acquire curiosity and spirit of adventure learn contents on the local history of all the partners’ countries enhance their competency in the mother tongue develop communication skills in English. THROUGH THIS PROJECT THE TEACHERS WILL have fun together improve the ability to document each phase of the project experience innovative methodologies such as Game-Based Learning also through digital applications enhance communication and collaboration skills. For those students who have special needs, teachers will pay attention to promote inclusion in the society through games and to increase language skills with intensive communication and social interaction. The methodology focused on learning by doing will allow them to acquire competencies and self-esteem.


Live events will be scheduled regularly to discuss and agree on the activities of each phase: – Let’s get to know each other better: – Christmas activities and fun – Investigating, researching, selecting information on a historical local site and share the materials with the partners. – Let’s play! Creating games, table games to print and colour or even to mail to the partners. Using digital tools to create digital games; making art crafts, drawings, models, plastic dioramas – Evaluation and farewell We want our students to learn by having fun so that they can love their learning process collaborating in national and international groups. That’s why we want to use games as much as we can, in each step. We also want to improve their collaboration and communication skills, so the students will be in touch by playing the games and also communicating in the forums. As a final product, we can make an eBook and a gallery of digital games to share also with the national schoolmates.


Through this projects we want our students to be aware of their origins and traditions but also discover that in the past, nowadays and in the future, hopefully, people move to find a better place to live. Actually, investigating the finds and the tracks. they will find clues for foreigner people influencing their history and path. It would be nice to create a newest, deepest and strongest European citizenship, assuming that we can have common origins. This project will create connections between the students and their old times and ancestors but can also be a way to imagine their future, a better future to live in, in a climate of respect among people and in balance with the environment.


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